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     Thanks for visiting my web site. While internet and web sites are new to me, playing guitar and singing is something I've been doing for a long time. Music has been a wonderful part of my life. It's given me great personal joy, even when I haven't maintained a regular performance schedule. Through the God-given gift of music, I've been granted the opportunity to share my gift with thousands of people over the years, and have made countless friends.
     A few special thanks are in order. None of this would be possible without the talent, love and support of my love and partner, Lovette. Thanks also go out to Dale Hart - a special friend who shows his support frequently with his encouragement, knowledge and musical expertise for mixing my CDs.  And tons of special thanks go out to all my friends, family and fans who have supported my music from the beginning, by either booking me, attending my live shows, purchasing my CDs, or talking me up to your friends.
     This site will be in constant motion in the months ahead, but please feel free to come visit at any time. And I'll do my very best to keep my "friends in music" updated with my performance schedule, song lists, and any special events that arise.
     Perhaps you've attended one of my performances and would like me to perform at your establishment (or a place you frequent). Maybe you've enjoyed the cover tunes I've done at one of my shows and would like me to learn another one. Perhaps you'd like to order my CD or would like to share comments after purchasing it. Maybe you'd simply like to talk music. Whatever your needs are, feel free to utilize the contact information provided within to reach me.
     Above all, thanks for giving me the chance to share my music.
     Musically yours,
     Rick Allen Witmer

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